SiteVisibility’s strategy covers all key channels and ensure that they are working together to achieve goals.


Institutional site, e-commerce, site for business, web portal, single page application, mobile application, blog, databases…


Website maintenance, system administration, website security, adding new functionality, debugging error…


As well as providing development services, I can also help you decide strategic roadmaps via consultancy services.

Here’s a list of things I do:

Responsive frontend development
Developing cross-device (smartphone, tablet, desktop) and cross-browsing (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE>9) web interfaces

Data visualization and information design
Representing datasets which surround us in a cognitively appealing and aesthetically pleasing way. Analyzing datasets, creating taxonomies and their visual declinations.

Interactive reports and wireframing
Creating interactive online reports, in order to increase the meanings’ levels and the data comprehension. Designing structure, layout, navigation, functions, content and graphic elements of a website during the planning phase


  • Department of Advanced Biomedical Sciences

    University of Naples Federico II

  • CeRICT s.c.r.l.

    Regional Center Information Communication Tecnology

  • SPECS Project

    Secure Provisioning of Cloud Services

  • MUSA Project

    MUSA SecDevOps Framework